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Battery Replacement


If you are in need of car battery replacement, then One Stop Automotive in Tucson is your best choice for quick, affordable service. We are a locally owned and operated auto repair service shop that has served Tucson for years. We service all makes and models and we handle just about every vehicle repair problem you will see. So whether it's repairs to the engine, transmission, A/C, brakes, or any other areas, we will take care of it. For battery replacement, we will get you in and out quickly with a properly installed battery. Plus, we always do a thorough inspection to ensure everything about your vehicle is running smoothly. We take pride in providing the best service at the lowest cost to you. We love making our customers happy! Call us today to schedule an appointment.


  1. Slow Engine Crank: While attempting to start your car or truck and the engine cranking is slow and takes longer than normal to start.
  2. Check Engine Light: When your car battery is becoming weak, your vehicle's check engine light should light up to let you know it's time for a replacement.
  3. Low Battery Fluid Level: Most car batteries have a transparent part of the casing to monitor the battery's fluid level. So if you notice the fluid level has dropped below the lead plates, then you should have the battery and charging system tested.
  4. A Swelling Battery Case: If your car's battery case starts to swell, it is due to excessive heat. Overheating of the battery will adversely affect your battery efficiency!
  5. Battery Leak: When you notice a build-up of corrosion on the battery, then this is a sign you need to replace the battery.
  6. Old Age: Many batteries can last up to about three years. But we recommend yearly inspecting and testing to monitor your battery.


There are many factors that can affect your car's battery performance. For example, your driving habits can have an impact. If you consistently only take short trips with your car or truck of about 20 minutes or less, then your battery won't have a chance to fully recharge. This can lead to a shorter battery life. Unfortunately, extreme weather can lead to a shorter battery life. Here in Tucson, our poor cars have to take extreme heat for months each year, and that hurts battery performance. Keeping little things in check helps keep your battery going longer. For example, make sure to keep all interior and exterior lights off when you leave your vehicle. Plus, it helps to be in the habit of unplugging chargers when you turn off your car - even when not in use! Whenever you bring your vehicle in to One Stop Automotive, we do a quick battery check which also helps to know when it's time to consider a replacement.


One Stop Auto is your best choice for battery replacement and electrical repair in Tucson. Our certified mechanics have decades of experience handling all kinds of automotive issues. When it comes to battery replacement and electrical system maintenance, we are quite experienced at prompt, quality fixes. Our team of automotive technicians is honest and effective. With our decades of experience in automotive repair and extensive training, we know how to get your vehicle running beautifully without breaking the bank. Plus, we have a free shuttle service within a 5-mile radius so you can drop your car off without disruption. We are located at 22nd and Craycroft, right in central Tucson. Bring your vehicle in for a free inspection and estimate of services today. We'll get you back on the road! With One Stop Automotive, you will cruise with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you've been taken care of by the best!