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Suspension Repair


For suspension repairs from a highly qualified team of certified mechanics, One Stop Automotive is your go-to for honest, affordable service. One Stop Auto is located centrally at 22nd and Craycroft in Tucson. We have been servicing a wide array of makes and models for many years in Tucson. We do every kind of auto repair work you can imagine. We repair engines, A/C, car belts, brakes, suspension - you name it we've done it! When it comes to suspension work, our technicians are very experienced performing the work efficiently. Your car or trucks suspension system is every component related to the linkages between the vehicle and its wheels allowing motion between the two. At One Stop Auto, we offer free inspections. Plus, we have free shuttle service within 5 miles of our shop. Give us a call to set up an appointment today.


A car or truck suspension system is designed to maximize friction between the road surface and the vehicle's tires while ensuring optimal stability for passengers. Suspension components, such as springs, shock absorbers (or struts for some cars), anti-roll bars, control arms, and other parts all work together to optimize driving performance and minimize the impact of bumps and abnormalities on the road. The suspension takes a beating from those horrible Tucson potholes we all have come to know so intimately. We all know roads are not perfectly even, which is why it is important to maintain your suspension system to get the most out of your vehicle. Pay attention to warning signs that your suspension may need an inspection or repairs.


  1. Rough Right: If you start to feel each bump in the road right up through your feet to your head, you likely have a suspension issue. When your car or truck is riding roughly, that's a telltale sign to get your suspension checked out.
  2. Pulling or Drifting While Turning: When the suspension system begins to fail, you will often experience drifting or pulling during turns. This means the shocks are failing to keep the tires stable against the road during turns - a very bad sign as this can even result in a rollover! If you start to experience this when turning, it's time to get your vehicle into a trusted mechanic pronto.
  3. Sudden Dips or Dives During Stopping: If the shocks are worn out, the car will jut forward and downward when you apply the brakes quickly. In fact, work out shocks can even increase your vehicle's stop time.
  4. Uneven Tire Treads: Another sign of a poor suspension system is uneven wear on your tires. This is a symptom that the suspension isn't holding the car evenly, putting uneven pressure on the tires.
  5. Damaged or Oily Shocks: You can check under your vehicle to see the shocks or struts. If they are oily or greasy then they are likely leaking fluid. This means the suspension performance will be adversely effected, and it's likely time for a replacement.


One Stop Automotive is the top choice for suspension repair in Tucson. Our team of certified mechanics each have decades of experience working with automotive repair. We have serviced thousands of suspension systems over the years. Our technicians take pride in providing quality and efficient service to keep you on the road longer. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your vehicle running smoothly at affordable rate to keep your car and your wallet happy! When you come to One Stop Automotive Repair & Service, you get the best value with mechanics you can trust. Still aren't convinced? Just check the scores of satisfied customers' personal reviews of our exceptional service. Give us a call today to get your car or truck serviced. You'll be glad you did!