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Some Helpful Information Regarding Oil Changes

Some Helpful Information Regarding Oil Changes

Some Helpful Information Regarding Oil Changes.  Over the last 3 years auto shops have seen their petroleum prices quadruple. Currently an oil and filter change using conventional oil will cost between $35 and $85, depending on your area. If your car requires synthetic oil, you should expect to pay more (anywhere from $75 to $125) but you make up some of the cost since synthetic oil lasts longer and has to be changed less frequently. Why the difference in pricing?  There are valid reasons for this big span, mainly relating to your vehicle manufacturer choice of oil requirements. Conventional oil (made from fossil fuel) is the least expensive option. A blend of conventional and synthetic bases ( Synthetic Blend) is the next step up. The most expensive oil is fully synthetic. In addition: The price of your oil change will depend on a few factors, not only the type of oil used but the amount of oil required,  ... read more

How Your Engine's Cooling System Works And Its Importance

Your vehicle's cooling system serves a few very important functions. It maintains the engines optimal operating temperature which is where it works most efficiently, and removes any excess heat from the engine when its under a load or outside temperatures are high.  While your vehicle is in use, the coolant exits from the bottom of the radiator after it's cooled, where its then drawn into the water pump, to cycle it back through the engine where it absorbs the heat and travels back to the top of the radiator where the cycle continues.  A vehicles cooling system is basically made up of the engine, radiator, the water pump, cooling fan(s), circulatory hoses, and a thermostat and coolant temperature sensor.  During the engine combustion process (intake,compression,power,exhaust) the fuel energy is converted into heat, which is transferred throughout the cylinder head and block to the coolant, and cycled through the cooling system via the water pump. The hose carr ... read more

Having Technician Recommended Services Performed Is Vitally Important To The Health Of Your Vehicle!

We have many very long term customers as well as new ones. Over the course of our years in this business we have noticed that people understandably do not like to spend money on automotive repairs. Who would? The problem with this can be multifaceted. A small repair, if not addressed in a timely manner, can blossom into a very expensive repair. We had a customer in the shop yesterday for an inspection. We found that all of his engine and transmission mounts are broken, needing replacement. Originally, when we had informed him of this last year it was a single mount and a minor repair that the customer chose not to have us take care of. Now because the single mount was not replaced, it over stressed the other mounts and they failed one after the other in a domino effect. In addition, the broken mounts are causing major stress on the axles due to the engine and transmission sagging.  Its crazy the way little things can snowball into such major things. This why we always try to kee ... read more

Back To School Vehicle Maintenance

Back To School Vehicle Maintenance

Well, its back to school time which means more roadway travel.  Have you ever had your vehicle quit when you need it most? Keep your vehicle in good shape and keep your family safe. Don't sacrifice family safety to save a few dollars. Maintenance is cheap, why risk the alternative. #OneStopCanHelp. Call us today to schedule an appointment for service: (520) 500-1323. One Stop Automotive is located at 1545 S Craycroft Rd in Tucson, AZ.   

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle's Fluids

We frequently get new customers into our shop that have been referred by our longtime customers. One of the primary issues we see is that the previous shops have not been doing regular maintenance on the customers vehicles. This can be a huge disservice to people as all vehicle fluids should be changed at certain intervals, mileage recommendations for fluid changes may be different for each vehicle but regardless, fluids need to be changed.  Manufacturers may claim that fluid services need not be done until extreme mileage has been reached, but that is so they can make the claim that maintenance costs are lower than they truly are for people that plan on keeping their vehicles. It is absolutely less expensive to service a transmission than it is to replace or rebuild one. The same goes for the other fluid driven systems as well. Spongy brake pedal? This can be caused by brake fluid that has been boiled due to extreme heat among other things. Brake fluid is also very susceptible ... read more