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Monthly Archives: July 2023

The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle's Fluids

We frequently get new customers into our shop that have been referred by our longtime customers. One of the primary issues we see is that the previous shops have not been doing regular maintenance on the customers vehicles. This can be a huge disservice to people as all vehicle fluids should be changed at certain intervals, mileage recommendations for fluid changes may be different for each vehicle but regardless, fluids need to be changed.  Manufacturers may claim that fluid services need not be done until extreme mileage has been reached, but that is so they can make the claim that maintenance costs are lower than they truly are for people that plan on keeping their vehicles. It is absolutely less expensive to service a transmission than it is to replace or rebuild one. The same goes for the other fluid driven systems as well. Spongy brake pedal? This can be caused by brake fluid that has been boiled due to extreme heat among other things. Brake fluid is also very susceptible ... read more