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The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle's Fluids

We frequently get new customers into our shop that have been referred by our longtime customers. One of the primary issues we see is that the previous shops have not been doing regular maintenance on the customers vehicles. This can be a huge disservice to people as all vehicle fluids should be changed at certain intervals, mileage recommendations for fluid changes may be different for each vehicle but regardless, fluids need to be changed. 

Manufacturers may claim that fluid services need not be done until extreme mileage has been reached, but that is so they can make the claim that maintenance costs are lower than they truly are for people that plan on keeping their vehicles.

It is absolutely less expensive to service a transmission than it is to replace or rebuild one. The same goes for the other fluid driven systems as well. Spongy brake pedal? This can be caused by brake fluid that has been boiled due to extreme heat among other things. Brake fluid is also very susceptible to moisture contamination. Fluid maintenance cannot be overly stressed. 

To stop a midsize vehicle from 55 to 0 mph, the brakes can generate enough heat to melt a pound of iron. If the brakes are overheated this can cause brake fade, which I can assure you is very scary. 

Vehicles with hydraulic power steering may start to hear a whining or grinding noise from the power steering pump if the fluid is not changed. The power steering fluid also operates/lubricates the rack and pinion system for steering. This can be costly components to replace, so keeping them service is important. We have all become accustomed to changing our engine oil at certain intervals, the same should be done for all of the vehicles fluids. The fluids contain conditioners, anti oxidants, viscosity enhancers to name a few. When these additives wear out the fluids are not doing anything to help or protect the units in which they are contained.  

We get trucks in with differential noise because the differential was submerged in water when they launched a boat or watercraft. or went off road and drove through a stream of other body of water. The cost of rebuilding or replacing a differential can be overwhelming. Servicing that same differential is a fraction of that cost.  

Every fluid in a vehicle has a specific purpose and needs to be replaced to ensure longer vehicle life. Come in and see us so we can get you on a regular maintenance schedule, you will rest easier knowing your vehicle is in tip top condition. 

Please don't be the person stranded on the side of the road in the staggering Arizona heat.