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The importance of changing your brake fluid

The importance of changing your brake fluid

We are responsible as drivers to make sure we are driving safely as well as making sure our vehicles are maintained and safe for the roadways.  This includes making sure your brakes are functioning properly with no issues. 

Our braking system on vehicles for not changed for decades.  The brake system consists of a brake booster, master cylinder, brake rotors or drums and brake pads or shoes and the brake lines that distribute the hydraulic brake fluid.

The brake fluid is hygroscopic, therefore is absorbs moisture from the air.  This moisture starts corrosion and rust that damages components in the brake system.  To avoid this from happening, a brake fluid flush is recommended every 30K miles.  This process is completed by forcing new brake fluid from the master cylinder to each wheel bleeder to remove all the old fluid. 

A complete inspection of the brake system is also completed at this time to ensure the braking safety of the vehicle.

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