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Why Do Modern Vehicles Have Catalytic Convertors?

Catalytic converters became standard equipment on new vehicles starting in 1975 and was mandatory by 1981 when it was fitted to vehicles for sale in the United States. Enabling them to meet newly introduced emission regulations.

Catalytic Converters are an exhaust emission control device. It reduces toxic gases and pollutants in the exhaust system, to less toxic gases, using a catalyst material. This is called a redox reaction (an oxidation and a reduction reaction). See diagram below.

Some Catalytic Converters can be expensive to replace. Especially if they are part of the exhaust manifold. Its extremely important that preventive maintenance is preformed on your vehicle so as not to damage the catalyst. Ensure your engine is running at is best and if it starts to misfire stop driving it and have repairs made as soon as possible. Routine fuel injection cleanings paired with a regular maintenance interval on spark plugs and other ignition system components can go a long way to helping get the most longevity out of your catalytic convertors.

While we would much rather help you with preventative maintenance items on your vehicle, One Stop Automotive is more than capable of replacing your catalytic convertors and most vehicles. Give us a call today to talk about getting your vehicle set up on a regular maintenance schedule, and avoid a costly break down of your catalyst system today. 1-520-571-181.

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