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D.I.Y. Can Sometimes Backfire

 Sometimes you get the desire to try and do some of the work on your vehicle yourself.  We get it. It’s cheaper than taking your vehicle to a shop and you’re fairly handy with a set of tools. This particular customer decided to replace their ignition coils on their Chevy Cobalt to fix a check engine light. Which in of itself is a pretty easy repair.  During the repair, they broke a retaining bolt for the ignition coil off in the cylinder head.  They then tried to remove the broken bolt by drilling it out.  In doing so they broke a case hardened tool off in the aluminum cylinder head.  This is the point that they brought it to us for repair. The hardened tool being broken off in the aluminum cylinder head makes it a very complicated procedure to remove it without damaging the cylinder head. This vehicle is headed to a local machine shop for a very costly extraction and repair. The moral of the story is…. Know your limits. It’s okay to try it yourself but know when to stop and ask for help.