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EWE! Change that dirty thing!

One of the most overlooked items on a vehicle is the cabin air filter.

Cabin air filters are installed in your vehicles HVAC system and are designed to filter dirt, pollen and other disgusting things out of the air that you and your passengers breath inside the vehicle. 
They should be inspected at every oil change and changed every 12,000 miles or once a year. 

If neglected the filter becomes filled with debris and restricts the airflow, and less airflow means the cabin cannot be heated or cooled efficiently. A clogged filter also creates back pressure for the blower motor, making it work harder and contributing to possible premature failure. 

Most people think these filters are checked at every service when the vehicle is in the shop, but the truth is, many of these cabin filters are hard to access so shops with poorly trained employees may miss or skip this step. 

If you have asthma or other respiratory problems, it is imperative that these filters be changed on a regular basis. 

Be proactive and call for an appointment today - 520-571-1811. 

Remember, if you neglect your cabin filter, this is what you may be breathing.