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Keeping your vehicles HVAC system clean and deodorized

Keeping your vehicles HVAC system clean and deodorized

Does the air coming from your cars A/C vents have an odor? Has the volume of air decreased since you’ve owned your vehicle? Both of these can be signs of a restricted evaporator core causing bacteria to build in your vehicle’s HVAC ductwork.  It may be time to have a non-intrusive evaporator core cleaning and bacteria neutralization done. This is just another of the services we at One Stop Automotive can provide to you in an effort to keep your vehicle safe and long-lasting. Using BG Frigi-Clean and Frigi-Fresh in a combined service we can provide you with that peace of mind that your HVAC system is blowing clean refresh HVAC system cleaning air for many years to come. Call and book your service today for $84.99, 1-520-571-1811.

BG Frigi-Clean® removes accumulated bacteria, mold, spores, road grime, nicotine oil, and debris and restores heating/cooling efficiency.

  • Restores efficiency
  • Improves airflow volume and quality
  • Makes cold air colder
  • Freshens interior air

BG Frigi-Fresh® will safely and effectively eliminate foul, musty odors from HVAC  systems.

  • Kills mold, mildew, fungi, and other odor-causing organisms
  • Works without costly manual cleaning of the system
  • Keeps the vehicle interior smelling fresh and clean

BG Frigi-Fresh® is an EPA and USDA accepted disinfectant, deodorant, and sanitizer.