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Wanna Save at the Pump, and help Save the Environment at the same time!!!!

Gas prices are continuing to increase with no end in site. So, what do we do as
a consumer about these rising gas prices. The answer is, anything we can to help
save when it comes to filling our tank. If your not getting the manufacturers
recommend miles per gallon (mpg) out of your vehicle, here are some suggestions that
may help.
SLOW DOWN!! It seems like every morning I drive to work and there are
people driving by me at extreme speeds, just to get to the stop light a few seconds
faster. Then, what do you know, I pull right up next to them at the next light. By simply
slowing, down by 5 to 10 mph, you could increase your fuel economy by up 7 to 14%,
some studies suggest. Aggressive acceleration and braking also leads to a loss in fuel
Having recommended preventive maintenance performed on your vehicle is
essential in maintaining your vehicle’s maximum fuel economy. Ask yourself, when
was the last time I have done something other than just changing the oil? Regularly
servicing your other fluid based systems is also key in maintaining your vehicle’s
reliability and fuel economy. Simple things like replacing your spark plugs, or having a
fuel injection service performed can bring about drastic changes in your vehicle’s fuel
economy, as well as restoring so of that power that is has lost over the years.
Give us a call today so we can discuss your vehicle’s needed maintenance.
Maybe we can help save you a little coin at the pump, and get back some of that lost
fuel economy. Everyone would like a little help there these days, especially with the
holidays coming up.