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Why are doing oil changes so important:

One Stop Automotive knows vehicles and engines can be complex, but changing your oil on a consistent basis is one of the most important basic automotive maintenance procedure. Your maintenance schedule is usually laid out in your vehicles owners manual. However, at One Stop Automotive, we have a plan designed to get you as much life out of your vehicle as possible. Our plan isn’t just designed to get you out of warranty and into your next new vehicle.  Your engine needs oil to run smoothly and avoid developing complicated and possibly expensive issues in the future. Like major engine repairs or even a full engine replacement. By getting your oil change regularly, you can help keep your engine in good condition and provide the best protection for all of your engine’s internal components. This will help ensure a longer life for your engine, and your vehicle overall.


This week, we had a customer come in with a check engine light on.  The vehicle had multiple cylinders misfiring intermittently.  After checking all of the basic components that can cause a misfire, we continued our diagnostic testing and took a closer look at the engine’s variable valve timing.  Almost, all modern vehicle have some form of this system.  Variable valve timing (VVT) increases mpg, power, and help to lower emissions.  Most VVT systems are  controlled by oil pressure,which either advances or retards the internal engine timing.  The vehicle in question had extremely dark, sludged  oil, with a very heavy burnt odor.   Changing the oil resolved the concern and the misfires went away.  Customer was very satisfied.  We now have this customer set up on a scheduled maintenance plan to help prevent this from recurring in the future. Sometimes simple maintenance is the most cost effective way to help prevent untimely brake downs.



Photo of engine oil filter