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How Your Engine's Cooling System Works And Its Importance

Your vehicle's cooling system serves a few very important functions. It maintains the engines optimal operating temperature which is where it works most efficiently, and removes any excess heat from the engine when its under a load or outside temperatures are high. 

While your vehicle is in use, the coolant exits from the bottom of the radiator after it's cooled, where its then drawn into the water pump, to cycle it back through the engine where it absorbs the heat and travels back to the top of the radiator where the cycle continues. 

A vehicles cooling system is basically made up of the engine, radiator, the water pump, cooling fan(s), circulatory hoses, and a thermostat and coolant temperature sensor. 

During the engine combustion process (intake,compression,power,exhaust) the fuel energy is converted into heat, which is transferred throughout the cylinder head and block to the coolant, and cycled through the cooling system via the water pump. The hose carries the coolant between the engine and the radiator, wheres its cooled by the fan. 

The cooling system also works to keep the engine from freezing and cracking the block, which is why it is very important to keep the right mixture of coolant/antifreeze in the system. Anti freeze is also an anti boil, but can only offer a certain amount of protection. If the antifreeze/coolant mix is not accurate, the water in the cooling system will expand and can crack the engine block, head or pop out the expansion (freeze plugs), all very costly to have repaired. We have encountered all of these scenarios and made the necessary repairs. 

At One Stop Automotive we can keep your vehicles cooling system in tip top shape by flushing the entire system and refilling it with the manufacturer's required coolant mixture.

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