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The Importance Of Maintaining Your CV Axles

The importance of CV axle boot maintenance is greatly underrated.

The CV (Continuously Variable) axles on modern vehicles have multi directional joints that are protected form the elements by flexible rubber boots. Over time and due to weathering, which is a huge factor in Arizona, the rubber breaks down and cracks open, exposing the inner components and allowing contamination of the joints/bearings with water, dirt and many other things. This can become a safety hazard over time as the CV axles become dry and can seize up or even come apart. This is very dangerous if it happens when you are driving. The CV axles connect the transmission to the drive wheels. It is very important to have a regular inspection of your vehicle,  by a reputable shop such as One Stop Automotive. 

You would not believe how often we see compromised CV axles on vehicles because the owners have not been notified of their condition or importance. 

We can help you keep your vehicle in tip top condition, ready for travel and free of breakdowns. One Stop Automotive will perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle during services so we can keep you informed of its condition. We will let you know the good and the bad and can make recommendations based upon our findings.

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