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Why Do It Yourself Repairs Are Not Always The Best or Least Expensive Way To Go

"Do it yourself repairs" are not always the best or least expensive way to go.

Many customers have had to tow their vehicles into our shop because they had a well meaning friend or family member attempt to fix their vehicle, or even tried to fix it themselves because their uncle, dad or brother used to be a mechanic.

The problems with this can include fried computers, non functional brakes when you need them most, overheating and seized engine due to blown head gaskets or blown seals in general causing loss of coolant or oil. 
Thermostats installed backwards, brake calipers installed upside down causing kinked brake lines, random wires spliced together, washer fluid added to engine coolant, brake pads installed backwards, power steering fluid added to brake fluid or engine oil. These mistakes can be very costly, yet easily avoided by bringing your vehicle to us. 

One Stop Automotive has resolved many issues that customers thought would be very expensive, yet in fact were very small problems that we solved at a very minimal cost. Be safe and keep your family safe by bringing your vehicle to be serviced or repaired by qualified and highly trained technicians. 

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